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What Are The Foods To Strengthen Teeth?

Oct 11

There are many foods that are healthy to help your teeth, and our dentist Menlo Park created a list for you; however, we tend to overlook them and choose to eat sweeter foods. There's a chance you've heard at some point it is true that your body is what you consume. In this instance, the phrase is especially relevant to the gums, teeth and the whole oral cavity. It is however difficult to identify which food items are safe for teeth.

Cheese yogurt, leafy greens as well as apples and carrots These are some of the healthy food options for your teeth. They include crisp vegetables, delicious fruits, meat that is savory, and many other foods that will delight you.

It's time to put aside sweet, starchy and unhealthy foods you love and adore because bacteria are also fond of them. An overgrowth of bacteria could lead to gum disease, tooth decay and other oral health issues. Therefore, make sure to learn more about the foods to eat for better teeth!

What Foods Help Strengthen Teeth?

Consuming a variety of nutritious foods from each food group can lead to healthy gums and teeth. This does not mean that you must eat healthy, balanced eating habits of fruits, vegetables and other calcium-rich food items, protein-rich foods, and whole grain. These are our top choices!


If you're among those who love cheese, there's an additional reason to go for it. As per EurekAlert!, a study that was published in the issue of 2013 of the American Academy of General Dentistry journal, they discovered that eating cheese increased the pH of the mouths of participants and reduced the risk of tooth decay.

The act of chewing cheese is believed to stimulate saliva production inside the mouth. Furthermore calcium and protein which are the minerals that in strengthening tooth enamel are also present in cheese.


Like cheese, yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein, which makes it an excellent choice for teeth strength and overall health. Probiotics or beneficial bacteria found in yoghurt can be beneficial for your gums as they help fight off the germs that cause cavities. If you're planning to increase your intake of yoghurt, opt for a basic version with no sugar added.

Leafy Greens

Green leafy vegetables are typically found in any list of healthy foods. They're full of minerals and vitamins, they are also low-calorie. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are healthy to your dental health. They're high in calcium, which can help to improve the strength of your teeth.

According to MedlinePlus They contain folic acid as well which is a B vitamin that has a variety of benefits for health and the ability to reduce gum illness during pregnancy. You can add a handful of baby spinach in your next salad, or add kale to pizza when you're experiencing difficulty finding enough greens that are leafy within your food. The greens are also able to be mixed into smoothies.


Although it is true that the American Diabetes Association recommends avoiding the majority of sweet foods There are some exceptions. Apples, for instance, are delicious, but they also have high levels of water and fiber. If you eat apples, you will notice that saliva is created by your mouth. This is able to wash away food and bacteria particles.

Its fibrous appearance of this fruit encourages Gums. While it's not exactly the identical to brushing with fluoride toothpaste it will assist you until you're ready. For a tongue that gets an excellent wash after a meal, you can bring an entire apple or apple slices to your lunch.

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Visit your dentist Menlo Park CA at least every six months to have a cleaning and checkup to ensure your teeth are well-maintained. They are able to detect early signs of diseases, such as grinding or cavities before they cause serious damage.

Your dentist will also test to make sure there is enough fluoride in order to make your enamel stronger and more durable. To protect your teeth from damage begin eating nutritious food to protect your teeth!


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